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Federal Building Shooting Suspect's Note Forces Bridgeport Community Evacuation

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Bullet holes can be seen at the federal building in Wheeling. Bullet holes can be seen at the federal building in Wheeling.
After the shooting incident in Wheeling at the federal building, a community was placed on lockdown across the river in Belmont County on Wednesday.

This secondary scene was at the home of the shooter, located in the Presidential Estates Trailer Park in Bridgeport. The entire trailer park was evacuated, with law enforcement on hand, keeping people out of the area at Railroad Street and Brookview Drive.

Ethan Morgan, a resident of the Presidential Estates Trailer Park, explained what happened:
"The man that went down in Wheeling and shot the federal office lived here in the trailer park in the 3rd street, not two from me," he said. "Apparently he left a note on the front door of his house, saying that he was going to war, and they feel there was a bomb inside the trailer park."

Authorities blocked off the area and called in the Columbus Bomb Squad. The squad arrived after 7 p.m. Residents were allowed to return to their homes at 11 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Piccard's neighbors said he recently revealed to them that he had stomach cancer. The investigation continues.
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