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Former NBA players help Wyoming County remember 12 year old

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12-year-old Kaimyn Anderson died on September 6th after collapsing in the bleachers at the Wyoming East High School football game.

All proceeds from the admission, concession and silent auction of Sunday's benefit basketball game at Wyoming East High School were given to Kaimyn's family for funeral expenses. Former NBA players, WVU players as well as Coach Rob Fulford of Huntington Prep and 5-time state champion Coach Don Nuckols came together to play Kaimyn's favorite sport.

"I feel like he's watching down on us, he's watching down on the court and at all of us here," Kaimyn's best friend, Seth Ross told us.

"He was the life of the party and he didn't meet a stranger," remembered Sonya Williams, Kaimyn's Aunt.

"He would get on your nerves but it was in a good way. He'd flick you in the ear and make you mad and then laugh about it. If you dropped your books, he'd pick them up, he'd do anything for you," said Ross.

Family members told 59News why a basketball game was an appropriate way to honor Kaimyn and support his family.

"Every time I saw him he had a basketball in his hand or he was playing some sort of sport, so I think a basketball game is perfect," Kaimyn's cousin told us.

"Great thing to do to get the whole community together and celebrate his life because everyone in Mullens knew him, I mean everyone," said Williams.

Former NBA player Bimbo Cole's, a native of Lewisburg, felt honored to be a part of Kaimyn's remembrance.

"I think this has always been a close knit community especially in their tradition of basketball and I think it's just a privilege and an honor for them to invite me to be here and be apart of it," Cole's told 59News.

To donate to Kaimyn's family, mail to the People's Bank of Mullens or First Community Bank in Mullens and make the check to "The Kaimyn Anderson Memorial Fund."

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