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James Green pleaded guilty to murder and more in shaken baby case

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James Green pleaded guilty in a Raleigh County courtroom to the First Degree Murder of a 2-year-old James Green pleaded guilty in a Raleigh County courtroom to the First Degree Murder of a 2-year-old


Newlyweds celebrate shotgun wedding with drugs, leads to murder of baby.

A pill fueled night of rage leads to the violent killing of a toddler. Now the killer admits what he has done.  59News has learned the dramatic details of what happened on the last night of this baby's life.  A warning -- what you're about to read may be disturbing to some.

"Did you kill that baby," Judge Hutchison asked, James Green of Fairdale.  "Yes," Green replied. "Did you beat up the other child," the Judge asked.  "Yes," Green stated in court on Tuesday.

It was a toxic combination--- love, drugs, and violence-lead to the brutal shaking death of an infant.  

"It seems to be clear their relationship was oxycodone fueled," Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Keller said.

It all happened back in February in Maple Street in Fairdale, Raleigh County.

One the night James Green killed his 28-month-old stepson and brutally beat the baby's twin brother he was fueled by drugs. In court the dramatic details of the child's final night was revealed. 59News learned Green sold his car for $2,000 to buy oxycodone pills with the children's biological mother Brandy Smallwood.

The two raced to the courthouse for a shotgun wedding, even though Green was engaged to another woman and Smallwood was still keeping in touch with the twin's biological father.

The newlyweds went back to their home and according to prosecutors continued to get high.  59News learned in court Smallwood left Green home with the twins while she went out to pay her drug dealer.  According to testimony by Green, he stated he begged Smallwood not to leave him alone with the toddlers. According to testimony, in a drug induced rage Green began beating the child.

"[The baby] was beaten to death with multiple injuries to his brain, including swelling of the brain and that is usually the cause of death in a shaken incident. The medicinal testimony would be that he was shaken, he was punched and tossed and had lacerations to the spleen and liver and the testimony would be that it would take a very strong punch to the gut of the child," Keller said.

The boy's twin was lucky to make it out alive--- he too had bleeding cuts on his head and cigarette burns on the told of his arm and hand.

Green's wife Brandy Smallwood is scheduled to go to trial for her role in the baby's death. In most cases spouses cannot testify against one another, but there is an exception when it comes to violence against children.

"There's an exception in cases of child abuse or neglect so in this case neither one of them can claim the martial privilege," Keller stated.  

Green will be sentenced in January.  He plead guilty to first degree murder and other charges. He faces life in prison with or without mercy. That will be the court's decision.

According to Keller, Smallwood is facing the same charges as Green. Keller said the prosecution will need to prove the caretaker knew the child would be subjected to seriously bodily injury or death and left them with the abuse anyhow, they could be criminally liable.



The case of a baby who was killed in Raleigh County lead to a guilty plea by James Green.

James Green had a plea hearing in front of Raleigh County Circuit Judge John Hutchison at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday.  He pleaded guilty to First Degree Murder and other charges.

Green and his wife, Brandy Smallwood, were charged in the case that involved the death of Smallwood's two-year-old child back in February.  The incident happened at the couples home in Fairdale.  Watch for more information here and on the air.

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