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WVU, Morgantown Authorities Continue to Investigate Student Vandalism

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Ten fires, a malicious burning charge, and a car tipped over by several people on the West Virginia University campus; this all happened after the WVU football team beat Oklahoma State.

"As far as big games go, this isn't the worst we've seen," said Chief Bob Roberts of the WVU Police Department.

Fire Chief Mark Caravasos agrees. He said the Morgantown Fire Department put out more than 100 fires in one night in 2003.

Chief Caravasos said the issue isn't the amount of fires, but where they are being started: in dumpsters.

"There can be some hazards there, whether it's aerosol cans, pesticides, poisons, we don't know what's in them," Chief Caravasos said. "And we're seeing occasions where these are exploding or having things burn in them that's not healthy to the firefighters and definitely not healthy to the people around."

Some students said they are sick of hearing about these types of activities on campus.

"They're kind of crazy, some of the things they do," said Sophia Tobia, a WVU sophomore, "but I think there's a better way to celebrate than having flip cars and going around ruining things."

A video was posted on the Internet showing the car being flipped over. WVU Police said social media is helping them find the vandals.

"Probably the most positive thing that I think, from me looking at it, is the number of tips and information that we've received from the public," Chief Roberts said, "from both the general public and our student body." 

Tobia said she thinks social media is a great way to help the police out.

"On Twitter you can see, 'Oh at this address people are flipping cars,' so I think that does definitely help them a lot," Tobia said.

WVU Police and the Morgantown Fire Department encourage anyone with information about the vandalism to step forward.

If you have information about the car incident, call the WVU Police Department at 304-293-3136.

If you have information about any of the fires started Saturday night, call the Morgantown Fire Department's Arson Hotline at 304-225-3586.

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