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National Hunting and Fishing Day at Stonewall Resort

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The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources hosted the celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day at Stonewall Resort on Saturday.

The resort was filled with vendors, demonstrations, and information centers all to celebrate West Virginia's great landscape for outdoor sports.

"This is most sportsman's dream in West Virginia because of the amount of land that you can hunt on and the premier fishing areas that we have. West Virginia is just premier for everybody. As far as the quality of deer, and the quality of deer I don't think anybody surrounding us can compete with what we have," said Doug Benson, of West Virginia DNR

The WVDNR sponsored some special events just for the kids.

"We've got a youth challenge going on where we have about 22 or 23 events that kids can participate in and learn some outdoor skills," Benson said.

Benson said the youth challenge gives the representatives from the WVDNR a chance to work with the kids and teach them something in a safe way.

"It gives a chance to bring kids that haven't had a chance to shoot a bow, shoot a muzzleloader, or shoot a shotgun at some trap. It gives them a chance to try something that they may not have tried before, and find out if it's something that's interesting to them," Benson said.

Kids got the chance to try out different guns shooting at stable targets, and also a bow and arrow shooting at moving targets.

Dennis Sheppard had two children at National Hunting and Fishing Day and he said he appreciates the WVDNR hosting the event.

"I'm impressed with their demeanor, the way they handle the kids, it's just phenomenal. I just appreciate the way they deal with the kids, and they take the time out every year and do that," said Sheppard, of Buckhannon.

Sheppard's son Ryan said he enjoys different parts of the youth challenge.

"I like the shooting with the archery and the guns. You learn about safety and how to shoot," said Ryan Sheppard.

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