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Natural Gas Companies React to Natural Gas Fueling Station Grand Opening

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Well sites, water trucks, and out of state license plates are all evidence that natural gas related business has made its way to West Virginia.

Most residents are well aware of the production, but less visible is evidence of it at market.

The most recent development on that end of the industry is a brand new compressor station at the Exxon on Jerry Dove Drive in Bridgeport.

The natural gas compressor station in Bridgeport is one of three that IGS Energy CNG Services is bringing to West Virginia.

"The natural gas that's in the ground, through the production cycle, and now to be part of the retail -consumer part of that is really where the whole economy comes to play. Because now you have West Virginia involved in every stage of that development," said Al Schopp, Vice President of Antero Resources.

For now, it's just three stations in West Virginia. But most believe that will change quickly.

"Well, we certainly hope we have compressed natural gas stations spaced strategically around the state so people in the state and traveling through with natural gas vehicles," Tomblin said.

The state has purchased 20 of those vehicles for state road use and companies, like Antero Resources, plan on driving cars that they help power.

Natural gas powers more than just trucks, vans, and cars, though. Schopp said that use is much more widespread.

"Heating, you have it for all the homes, entertainment in your grills, fireplaces, and now you'll be able to use it in your vehicles," Schopp said.

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