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Raleigh County gets Powerball fever

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There could be a new multi-millionaire Wednesday night!

The powerball jackpot stands at $400 million.

People with powerball fever have been lining up all day to get their shot at the jackpot. If you win, you can either take the money in installments, or get the one time cash payout which is just over $223 million.

We asked people what they would spend the money on.

"First of all I'd give to charities Saint Jude and Ronald McDonald House, and then give me a truck and a house and my mom the same way and give to my family," April Hensley said.

"Give praises to God then be a blessing to others, that's what I'd do," Alice Richardson told us.

"I would be in shock then I guess the next thing I would do is disappear, I would hide from everybody until I figure out what to do with the money," said John Burks.

The winning numbers will be announced tonight at 11.

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