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Feud develops in Alderson over junk yard

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A heated battle between two neighboring stores in Greenbrier county has the community in fumes.

Wilson's Garage, which has provided service in Alderson for over a year now, has been called an eyesore by Alderson Thrift Store store manager Forrest Thomas. He thinks the garage could use a makeover. Saying, "to me its an eye sore coming into our town. We try to make our town look good."

Robin Wilson, wife of Wilson's garage owner, says they are simply trying to provide a service to the people of Alderson.

Thomas doesn't mind being close to the garage, but says he doesn't like seeing the junk cars. He says "it should be either moved or put behind a nice privacy fence."

59News was told that some of the more damaged vehicles on the site are expected to be cleared off the property in the next few weeks which would clean up the entire area.

Wilson's garage says they do what they can to "try and keep stuff from hitting the ground, like oil and stuff like that. We try and do what we can. Sometimes you just cant, but we do as good a job as anyone can do really anywhere." They believe they are cleaner than other garages in the area.

The property where the garage sits is privately owned. City Hall says the owners are not in any violation. Both sides hope the issue will be resolved once the wrecked cars are moved.

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