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Internet rumors incorrectly predict brand demise

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The Internet is certainly one of the most potent engines driving our modern society and economy, but as we all know, a rumor or opinion expressed online can quickly become accepted as fact around the world in just an instant. 

Unfortunately, an untrue Internet rumor from an online "expert" with a very bad record of predictions begs for a correction on behalf of one of our dealership's flagship brands—Volvo.

Someone who styles himself as a business soothsayer and who has a long record of making faulty predictions has targeted Volvo as a brand that will disappear from the U.S. market in 2014. 

This same individual had previously predicted the demise of Kia, Sears, Sony, BP and Nokia, among others, so his skills certainly haven't proven to be worthy of Nostradamus. 

In the case of Volvo, we are in the process of transforming the brand and all of our models with an investment of $11 billion that will soon become apparent in the U.S.—Volvo's largest single market around the world. 

We're not going anywhere, as was clearly demonstrated by Volvo's announcement recently that it will introduce a totally new line of engines for their 2015 models. Volvo has invested in all-new engine architecture that will be available in a number of existing models and will be the power behind all future products.

While Volvo's sales, like those in most segments of the automobile industry, (hear about Detroit lately?), have been mixed as we have all tried to make our way through a struggling economy, Volvo is also on the verge of a very dramatic positive change in trajectory because of this massive infusion of capital, new technologies and new models. It is tremendously exciting to report that Volvo is on the move and ready to impress once more.

This capital investment program will result in all-new vehicle platforms and engines, including our first hybrid and electric models. Manufacturing plants are being either totally retooled or built from scratch to accommodate the new technologies and vehicle production. And Volvo's traditional leadership in safety and innovation will soon become apparent as these superior new models make their way into showrooms across the country and here in West Virginia too.

In fairly short order, the truth will be winning out about the strength of Volvo and its path to a reinvigorated future. That truth will come in the form of dynamic new models and features for customers to enjoy from Volvo. And our local commitment to top-level service and technological expertise will only improve too. 

My name stands behind the vehicles we sell and the service we provide to our clients every day, and I am very excited at the commitments that have been made to keeping Volvo one of the signature automobile brands in the world.

Volvo will soon be taking advantage of its chance to leave you with a positive impression as the future unfolds in the marketplace and in our showroom. You won't be disappointed.

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