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Two Raleigh County fires leave community members suspicious

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Two fires in Raleigh County Sunday night leave Mabscott community members suspicious.
One happened at the home of a city official and another home just a mile down the street.

Brittany LaRue and her fiance have lived with a few other family members for several years now.  Just last week they said their landlord asked them to leave the house for a few weeks so he could fix some plumbing issues.

Monday they showed up to a completely burnt home and they tell us they think someone meant for this to happen.

"To be serious about it, I think it was arson. And for them to go and want to destroy somebody's property you are taking away their blessings everything that they have had and owned, everything they have worked for in their life and it's gone and what did you get out of it," said fire victim Jacob Grimes.

Just a few hours after their home is up in flames, firefighters are called just about a mile down the street to the home of Mabscott's mayor, Wayne Houck.  His brother, who lives right across the streets told us, thankfully, Houck was not home when the fire started.

The mayors home on Spruce Street in Mabscott is just across the highway from the other home on Lee Street that caught fire. The thing about both of these homes is that no one was home at either place for the past several days.

The couple says the fact that both of these fires happened less than 2 hours apart makes them believe something suspicious is happening in Mabscott.

"I don't think it's a coincidence, I think someone meant for that to happen, probably they knew when the mayor was leaving probably stalked him out to make sure he was gone and then probably knew we were going to be gone and then planned to do it the exact same night," said fire victim Brittany LaRue.

Neither of the two fires have been ruled suspicious at this time.  The state fire marshal will be investigating.
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