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3 homes go up in flames in Raleigh County.. Arson suspected

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A rash of house fires hit between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Now investigators are scrambling to find answers.

At 9:37 Friday night Beckley Fire Department and Beckley City Police responded with Jan-Care ambulance to a home on the corner of Berry Street and Hull Street. The previous homeowner did not wish to speak on camera but told 59News the current homeowners were not inside the home at the time.

The 2nd house caught on fire between Friday night and Saturday morning, and right across the street from it, another home had caught fire just last week, right at the same time.

A next door neighbor of both homes told 59News how she believes these fires started.

"Arsonist. Exactly a week later, almost the same time, both abandoned houses. It's very suspicious," neighbor Lisa Mullins said.

Mullins said she's seen a few red flags close to these homes on Hill Street.

"My fiance had seen an SUV parked outside this one the day the fire had started. They say a homeless man lives in this one," Mullins told us.

This is one of 3 houses that burned down in Raleigh County just as of last night.


Is that shocking?

"Yes, it is. All I knew about were these two," Mullins concluded.

In Fairdale: Trap Hill, Lester and Coal River Fire Departments put out the flames on a home on Deweese Court.

The State Fire Marshal is investigating the home in Fairdale.

The two fires within city limits are being investigated by the City of Beckley Fire Investigations Bureau.

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