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Abused pitbulls rescued in Raleigh County

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Several dogs in Raleigh County are rescued after a family finds them almost starving to death.

59 News crews stopped by the humane society Tuesday to take a look at the dogs.
The dogs are extremely malnourished and flies are biting their ears from being outside for an extended period of time.

Raleigh County deputies said they picked up the dogs on Raleigh Ridge Road. As of Tuesday night they still did not know who the dogs belong to, if anyone.

The 14-year-old girl who found the dogs said the dogs did show up at her house wearing collars.

"It looked like they were puking up blood and there was blood coming from their ears, and it was just everywhere. They didn't look healthy at all, they were so hungry they were fighting each other," said Alley Baisden.

The animals are being cared for at the Raleigh County Animal Shelter. Workers there said it could take up to a month to get them back to normal health.

If you have any information about who the dogs might belong to, you're asked to please give Raleigh County Animal Control a call at 304-255-9349.


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