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Vote to help save the Meadow Bridge Drive-In

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The Meadow Drive-In in Summers County is asking for your help to win a nation-wide contest.

Five theaters in the country will win a brand new digital system worth about $80,000.

Howard McClannahan has owned the Meadow Bridge Drive-In for more than 30 years and he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep his doors open and his memories alive.

"When I was a kid me and my brothers and my dad would come out and we'd sit in the back of the truck with a bag of popcorn and watch the movies while my mom worked," said McClannahan.

He said coming to the drive-in theater is almost the only thing for families to do in Meadow Bridge.

"We get regulars every week we have some that come here and they tell me it don't make a difference what's playing we don't even call, we just come," but he said he really loved sharing the icon with new visitors, "We had people last night that had never been to a drive-in they pulled into the ticket office and they said now what do we do?"

Up until about 6 months ago the movies came on a reel of 35mm film and it took six rolls in the projector. Now, all it takes is a little hard drive in the new machine.

McClannahan had to fork over more than $60,000 for the new digital system. And now that the season is slowing down, he is just hoping that the community will continue to support the business.

"The picture from the 35 mm film had streaks in it and the sound you had the popping and the cracking like an old record," he said.

Votes are being taken at the Project Drive-In web site.  Just under 14 days remain to cast votes. You can also contribute to the drive-in fund at the web site.

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