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Third Quake Rattles Glenville in A Month

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Another earthquake rattled an area of Gilmer County Friday morning.

The 2.6 magnitude quake was recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey shortly after 7 a.m., with its epicenter roughly eight miles southwest of Glenville.

Gilmer County 911 officials said they received no calls about the quake or any damage it may have caused Friday morning.

It is the third quake recorded in that area of West Virginia in just the last month. On July 20, a 2.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded about a mile south of Glenville.

Just 10 days later another shook the area. That was recorded as a 2.8 magnitude quake on July 30 about eight miles southwest of Glenville, close to the reported epicenter of the third quake.  

Coordinates reported by the U.S. Geological Survey indicate that the most recent quake centered on an area near Gassaway Road and the Little Kanawah River just south of Normantown.

There was only one report of anyone experiencing the quake on the USGS web site Friday morning. That report indicated that they felt "weak" shaking and experienced no damage.

Natural gas drilling is ongoing in that area, though oil and gas companies contacted by 12 News have denied any connection between drilling or "fracking" and the earthquakes. 

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