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Boy Scouts volunteer to improve access to Glade Creek

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All the Boy Scouts attending the jamboree are giving back to the community. There are more than 300 community service projects going on across the 9 counties in southern West Virginia.

It may be easy to walk up on and take a look at the beautiful Glade Creek but what if you are on wheels? Well, a group of Boy Scouts are working to make sure everyone can enjoy this national park.

It is a breath taking view! Glad Creek is a very popular hiking, fishing and scenic spot for outdoors folks to enjoy.  But for two scouts a trip to check out the creek isn't that easy.  Both have a disability that impacts their mobility.  So they are volunteering along with 300 other scouts to make things a little easier for the disabled.

"I've never seen anything like this done before and it feels good to be apart of a group that is putting the effort in to help disabled people get to the outdoors," Chris Kaiiai, a scout from Vancouver, Washington said.

The two are with hundreds of fellow Boy Scouts volunteering to lift, pour and assembly handicap accessible ramps at Glade Creek.

Improving access is something the National Park Services has wanted to accomplish, but they just don't have the manpower to make these improvements.

"This would not be possible because as you can see, with the shortage of staff we are just trying to keep up routine maintenance," Terry Groves, Rails and Trails Supervisor.

Even at the Jamboree disabled Scouts don't have to take a sideline to the high adventure activities.

Will Krajewski, a scout also from Vancouver said the highlight for him has been taking his wheels onto the skate park.  

"They just had a couple of ramps but it was awesome," Krajewski said.  He explained this was his first time taking his wheelchair off jumps just like a skateboarder would.

The National Park service estimates there are 300 scouts working at 5 sites along Glade Creek. They said without these scouts volunteer work it would take their staff 6-8 months to accomplish what the boys did in one day.

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