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Rainelle Hosts Special Military Training Exercise

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Teamwork and leadership are pillars to getting something accomplished together.
Wednesday night a first of its kind military training exercise planned to do just that.

United States Continued Service, under the guidance of President and CEO, Jonathan Gilliam is trying to keep veterans employed while also creating a program where corporate training can go to another level.

"When a former service member leaves the service those skills by and large are lost and the only way they can typically use those skills is when they go over seas so what we try to do is build programs with those specific skills," said Gilliam who is also a Navy SEAL and former FBI Agent.

In this exercise a CEO and 4 Senior Vice Presidents were trained by Navy SEALS and Marines over the course of a week and then thrown into a hostage rescue situation.

But before these business men got to the rescue they went through a boot camp including a day where they stayed up almost 24 hours straight after hours upon hours of training.

The goal for these men was to develop team work and to work through their failures so they were ready once the rescue mission was set to start. They figured if they exposed themselves to such a situation they could only benefit from it, working as a team in their professional lives.

On this humid Wednesday night with the storm clouds and lightning strikes off in the distance these men geared up with their tactical equipment and air soft guns as a helicopter waited for them to hop in.

"I think these guys are crazy because when you get into this training when you're young and fit it's a whole different ordeal but I respect them for what they're trying to build as a team," said Trainer Dave Robinson a former Marine and resident of Rainelle.

Local veterans like Robinson were excited to see something like this happen here in Southern West Virginia.

"For something like this to happen in Greenbrier County, in the middle of nowhere to boot, is really good," said Robinson.

Gilliam expressed United States Continued Service wanting to do more in West Virginia after seeing the strong success and support for the program so far.

"We'll go wherever we need to go but it would be my choice to have most of the training still right here in West Virginia," said Gilliam.

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