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Parents Take Risks in Leaving Kids in a Hot Car

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The temperatures are on the rise this week in Southern West Virginia and police along with doctors are warning parents of the risks of leaving your kids behind in a hot car.

Advocacy group Kids in Cars reported just last month that 7 kids died after being left in a sweltering hot car.

"The summer months are dangerous due to the fact that they're susceptible to heat stroke and suffocation especially when the windows are all up," said Officer James Quesenberry of the Beckley Police Department.

"Some people don't realize how important it is to keep a baby or child protected from the sun or the heat," said Dr. Carlos Lucero, a pediatrician in Beckley.

Lucero also said that the younger the child is that's left in a hot car, the greater the risk.

"With babies the composition of the brain and the body is mainly water so the loss of water can lead to dehydration as well as changes in the brain function," said Lucero.

But health isn't the only issue, you can face criminal charges for leaving you kids behind.

"If you leave your child unattended and they come up missing or something like that you could be facing child neglect charges or other charges," said Officer Quesenberry.

Police and doctors both agree that it can happen to the best of parents but they advise paying attention, no matter the time of year, so that all the risks involved can be prevented.

According to the global organization Safe Kids Worldwide more than half of all children who die annually of heat stroke or hyperthermia are left in car unintentionally by distracted caregivers. 

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