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Family discovers man's body in truck behind home in Jackson County

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A truck, discovered in Sandy Creek is now out of the water, but when neighbors found it Tuesday around 12:30 p.m., it was almost fully submerged.

Silverton resident, Clifton Boggess, discovered it after he and his brother went out looking for a fox den Tuesday.  

They split up, and the next thing Boggess knew, his brother was knocking on his door.  

"He told me that there was a white truck sitting in the middle of the creek," said Boggess.  "So I immediately jumped on the 4-wheeler and went back and looked.  I knew if anybody was in it, they had a bad day."

Unfortunately, there was someone inside, according to investigators.  

Boggess called State Police after returning to his home.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene, just off the Ravenswood/Silverton Exit in Jackson County.  

Sgt. J.P. Murphy was first to arrive with fire crews.  "They went in the river, in the truck, and found the man's body inside the truck," said Murphy. 

State Police said the victim hit the median just before a bridge on Interstate 77, went airborne, and fell at least 60 feet down the creek below.  

Judging by mud lines on the bank, Troopers said the man had been there for at least four days.

Boggess, a Vietnam Veteran, said war memories came flooding back, but that didn't stop him from helping crews to get the victim back on land.

"I would help anyone in any situation," said Boggess.  "They were in a spot where they needed somebody to move the body out of there.  That's what we did.  We put him on the trailer and we brought him out."

Sgt. Murphy said an accident like this one is new territory for him.  "This is the first one like this that I've ever worked," he said.  

Troopers do know the man's identity, but are waiting to release that until family is notified.

They did say he is 57 years old, and from West Virginia.  

Troopers said it is too early into the investigation to determine why that man crashed his truck in the first place.  


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