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Abandoned Babies and The Safe Haven Law

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On June 26th, a woman in Mingo County dropped off her two practically new born baby boys onto the porch of a complete stranger.

Attached to the twin babies was a note asking that they be taken to Welch Community Hospital.

The stranger took them to the hospital.

What's curious is whether this was legal.

West Virginia's Safe Haven Law states that a baby can be dropped off at any hospital or medical facility up to 30 days after birth.

Many people in Southern West Virginia aren't too familiar with the Safe Haven Law and were pretty shocked to hear that such a law exists.

"I had heard there were other places across the nation that had the law but I didn't know the law existed in West Virginia," said Jennifer Owen of Cool Ridge.

Instead of having a stranger drop the babies off at a hospital in Welch, why didn't the mother just do it herself?

"I feel like people are misinformed as to what exactly Safe Haven Law is and she might have felt threatened or judged if she went to an organization or hospital," said Cindi Waddell, who works at The Child Advocacy Center in Beckley.

Waddell also said she thinks it's important for a mother who doesn't think they'll be able to care for the baby to consider the option of dropping the baby off to a hospital where they'll be taken care of.

Others agree with taking the Safe Haven Law option.

"I think it's a great thing because somebody out there who can't have children might be able to come across that child and raise it and give it a better life," said Jessy Dodson of Beckley.

But the Welch detachment of State Police are searching for the mother hoping to find out what happened and why she gave the babies up the way she did.

The two baby boys are in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Resources and are reportedly doing just fine.

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