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Flood wipes out Beckley Salvation Army's food pantry

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After an emergency they rush in to provide help, but now theSalvation Army has fallen victim to a natural disaster.

More than a week after rain hammered southern West Virginia, causing major flooding, the Salvation Army is still cleaning up. Thousands of pounds of donations are being thrown away and leaders at the Salvation Army said the basement suffered around $20,000 worth of damages.

Dozens of donations tossed in the dumpster! Last weeks heavy rainfall caused major flooding, including the Salvation Army's food pantry and basement recreational room.

59News checked out the scene and to give viewers and idea just how much raging flood water rushed in the pantry our crews took a look inside one of the totes containing food.  The tote which is taller than a foot was filled with flood waters, making all of the canned items unsanitary to hand out.

"It is just a mess right now. It really is.We are used to the ones coming in after a flood with our clean up kits. We aren't used to being the victims of stuff like this," Capt. Robert Barber with the Salvation Army said.

Now staff and volunteers are being tasked with big clean up. One Minnesota volunteer group was sent to help with the Salvation Army's day camp, but now their focus is on the clean up.

"It is just such a waste, it is just so heartbreaking I mean they have said they had just gotten a delivery of food and now they have to throw it away, wow," Jen Matthees, volunteer said.

Even after the final can is thrown away and the clean-up is through, it will take a lot to move forward. The Salvation Army staff will have to replenish all the food that was lost in order to continue to supply help to those in need.


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