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UPDATE: Home Goes Up in Flames Near Athens

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  The cause of a fire in Mercer County remains undetermined.

     Leaders with the Athens Volunteer Fire Department say they received the call of the fire just after at 1:06 Sunday morning.
     The fire was reported on Bent Mountain Road just outside of Athens.
     Crews arrived on the scene at 1:23 a.m. and were able to declare the fire under control by 2:47 a.m.
     Firefighters were on the scene until 5 a.m. when all visible flames were extinguished
     Some smoldering was reported a short while later but it took less than a gallon of water to put that out.
     There was no damage done to the home due to the rekindle.




A home in Mercer County burst into flames early Sunday morning not once, but twice.

Neighbors told 59News they believe the home on Bent Mountain Drive near Athens is a total loss. According to neighbor Carless Caldwell, it took 4 fire departments more than 4 hours to battle the first early morning blaze.

Caldwell told 5us what happened next after he woke up to a frantic phone call from his neighbor.

"I received a phone call at 2 a.m. that said our neighbors house was on fire which is the Morgan's. I came up here and the fire was coming out of the roof and we think it started from the air handling unit from the attic and the house seems to be a total loss," Caldwell said.

He explained to us in his own words what he believed happened.

"Leah, the wife, was home at the time when she was awoken by the dog and the smoke detector. She told me smoke was coming out of the ceiling in the kitchen. By the time the fire department got here, flames were coming out of the roof. Her husband Eric was in Dublin playing baseball with his son in a tournament," he said.

Neighbors told us they are glad the family got out of the house when it was first put out because just a few hours later the flames and smoke returned. The fire rekindled around 11 a.m. and took until almost noon to be put out again.

Is that common for fires to rekindle?

"I suppose so, especially with all this wind. It's not good," Caldwell said.

Caldwell thinks of everyone on Bend Mountain Road as family, and believes they'll do all they can to help the Morgan's rebuild.

"Anything we can do, absolutely. I just hope they have sufficient insurance because it's such a bad loss. We all hate it, we are such a close knit neighborhood," he said.

The 4 fire departments that put out the blaze were East River, Glen Wood, Athens, and Pipestem.





A home went up in flames early Sunday morning around 1AM on Bent Mountain Road near Athens.

Mercer County Emergency Services said multiple fire departments were able to put the fire out around 5AM Sunday morning but then the flames rekindled a few hours later. It took about an hour for the fire to finally be put out.

59 news spoke with neighbors who said by the looks of it, the home is a total loss.

Neighbors believed the fire was started by an electrical issue.

A woman and her dogs were in the home at the time of the fire but no one suffered injuries.

The family is staying with friends in Beckley.

The neighborhood hopes to rally behind this tragedy and help out anyway they can.

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