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UPDATE: Killer vaccines? Should your kids be exempt

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Medical controversy - Should your child be allowed to be exempt from vaccines?

West Virginia lawmakers are looking at what parents go through to have their children exempted from immunizations required before school. On Thursday a Senate-House Committee met to discuss how medical issues can make vaccines dangerous to their kids.

An AP article cites some children have been suspended from school after being denied an exemption.  Raleigh County family physician Kyle Muscari broke down the pros and cons of children allowed to skip out on being vaccinated.

"For the kids that have allergies to eggs and dairy and auto-immune disorders, they don't need to have the vaccines but that's what doctors and those in the medical industry are for, to figure out what they need and don't need," Muscari said.

Unless a child has a known allergy, Muscari told us he always suggests vaccination.

"It would be disappointing if people stopped taking vaccines, although everyone has the right to their own personal liberties. Science has proven over and over again that vaccines work and I strongly recommend that parents let their children be vaccinated," he said.

He also said he can understand parents concerns, and he tries to find some common ground.

"We try to find a happy medium between too much dosing and not enough, we try to find the certain ground where the child gets healthier," Muscari added.

Just like Doctor Mascari, most of you told us you would like to see a happy medium, somewhere in the middle. A lot of you said there are alternate routes to dealing with this problem. We asked parents through our 59News facebook page to give us their opinion. Tracy Tate tells us "Its scary on both sides of the issue. The vaccines prevent outbreaks of major illnesses but on other hand there is suspicion that they cause other illnesses as well."

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