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Bluefield firefighters get new technology that could save lives

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Homes and businesses may become safer due to a new initiative taken on by a local fire department.

It's all thanks to a video camera placed on top of firefighters helmets

"The biggest reason we bought them was for educational purposes and training tools for our guys and it gives us an opportunity to educate the public because most people just see fires on t.v. and in Hollywood and they never see what's in a real fire," Bluefield fireman David Thompson said.

59News got special access to the videos. We sat down with Thompson and discussed their performance on a house fire on Lynn Street.

"The biggest thing is it teaches techniques and lines and line placement. It'll show you how quickly you can put out a fire with the correct line placement. We can actually put the line in and you can see how quickly the line dies down. It's the proper application of water with the proper application of hose line," Thompson told us.

Thompson told 59News what departments could see these videos in their shop next.

"It's not a city bought item, it's whoever wants to foot the bill for it. If the city starts buying it will be captains and lieutenants but right now it's approved for anyone who wants to buy it in the department," he said.

He explained how now that his job performance is watched closely.. how that changes his approach.

"You do what you're trained, you don't be a hero or do anything Hollywood. You will always be critiqued, no one is perfect. It aids the critiquing that way you get better at your job," Thompson added.

The cameras cost around $200 and the specific model in this story is a 1280 X 720 High Definition.

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