Angry Drivers Lit Up About Proposed Cigarette Taxes


A new AP study out Wednesday showed that more than 1300 miles of West Virginia's highways are deficient.

The West Virginia Blue Ribbon Highway commission will propose to raise taxes in order to fix the highways. The highway commission's plan is to increase the states sales tax, vehicle registration and title fees and raise the tax on cigarettes.

Locals think the taxes would be a good idea since the highways are so unstable. A local driver, John Woody, feels the increase of cigarette tax would be tolerable since he does not smoke. He stated that the roads in the state are dangerous and, when driving, "you get out there and hit the roads and they tear the front end of your cars up. The state roads need to be fixed."

If all the proposals are approved, they would generate more than 400 million dollars in additional revenue annually.

The West Virginia Blue Ribbon Highway Commission announced Wednesday they will hold six public hearings regarding the proposals this June.

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