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Monroe County gets a brand new playground

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Children in Monroe County had a lot to celebrate Thursday.

It was all because of a brand new community playground.

The Hawk's Nest Recreational Park was unveiled by the grand opening celebration at Mountain View School. For children in Monroe County, that was a reality. Students could hardly stand still as they lined up in the hallways for their first glimpse of the new park outside.

"I'm really excited. I love the new playground. Yay!" shouted one 4th grade student.

"I love the foursquare, the zipline, I like everything," said another student.

"If nobody's on the zipline, I'd wait the whole day."

How long of a line would you wait in?

"About a 40 mile line."

"There's no other place within the town for kids, we do have a swimming pool but as far as a play ground or facility that they can do the things that we really want, no. We want to get these kids in shape, and this is the place for that," said Mountain View's principal, Jeff Dunbar.

"Before this new playground, we'd go out on the walking trail, but it wasn't that fun. It was boring," a 3rd grade student told us.

"Whenever we went on the walking trail, all we did was play on the monkey bars and play football. But now that we have that playground, it's really fun," added another 3rd grader.

Not only is the playground thrilling, students told 59 News it's a good way to stay active and healthy.

"This is a great way because you get to swing, slide and roll. It's great exercise," a student said.

"On the playground you can build upper body strength, lower body strength, and really grow your motor skills," Dunbar said.

Fundraisers and donors helped raise the money to build the new park.

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