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Law enforcement officers become meth techs in hopes of cracking down

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A sharp increase in the number of meth labs over the past few months is bringing a call to action by all law enforcement agencies in parts of our area.

State troopers and Sheriff's deputies are being sent off to become meth tech's in hopes of saving the community one lab at a time.


In the past three months there have been seven meth labs busted in the area.

West Virginia State Troopers said they believe outsiders are to blame.

Before they didn't know how to do it now someone has come in and showed them how easy it is, the material is easy to get and it's cheaper," said Trooper William Snyder.

But now, with more local meth tech's they're able to bust the labs as quickly as they can find them.

"Everyone was pretty scared of it at first because they think of a chemistry set but it's really not that technical and once you're made more aware of it you're more aggressive to find it," said Snyder.

Whipping up a batch of meth can be as easy as one person with a few ingredients and small bottle.
But most of the labs busted in Greenbrier County have put four or five people behind bars.
That's thanks to one special ingredient from the pharmacy.

"It takes several people to buy the Pseudoephedrine and get the materials together to where it's looking not all on one person," said Snyder. "They're going on 4 wheelers up in the woods, if you see someone going into a wooded area with a suitcase or backpack, more than likely something is up," he added.

If you see any suspicious activity, report it to your local law enforcement immediately.

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