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UPDATE: Homeless woman killed in train accident identified

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The National Park Service has released the name of the woman who was killed when she was hit by a CSX train on Monday.

In a release on Thursday, the woman was identified as Chandra Turner, 49, of Louisville, Kentucky.  Turner's family was recently identified of the accident.  Turner was walking along the tracks near Glade Creek during a heavy rain storm.  She had apparently been using a blanket to take cover from the storm.  The CSX engineer tried to break and sounded the horn, but Turner did not move out of the way in time to avoid being hit by a part of the engine.


The National Park Service is working with CSX detectives to find out who was killed by a train near the New River Gorge National River on Monday. A release from the National Park Service said that the victim was a homeless African-American woman. They believe she was around 50-years-old. 

The woman was apparently walking along the CSX tracks when she was hit.  Investigators said she had her head covered with a blanket during the heavy rains on Monday.  According to the news release, engineers of the train sounded their horn and attempted to brake, but the woman did not react in time to avoid being hit by a part of the locomotive.

The incident happened downstream from Glade Creek, river right, in Fayette County.



Officials are still on the scene of a train accident that happened in Summers County on Monday. The train reportedly hit a person, but no other details on the accident are available. Emergency responders from Green Sulphur Springs Fire Department and the National Park Service were on hand along with CSX employees.

The accident was reported to CSX at around 12:50 p.m. Officials with CSX told 59News that the accident involved a freight train that was headed from Rocky Mount, NC to Chicago.  The train had one engine and 95 cars.  All of the cars were empty. 

CSX officials said that they are cooperating with law enforcement.

Emergency responders were called to the scene of a train accident on Monday. 

A person was apparently hit by a CSX train in a remote part of Fayette County.  The call came in at around 1:30 p.m.  The accident happened near the Meadowcreek in Summers County, but dispatchers said that is was about four miles down the tracks into Fayette County.  Special equipment reportedly had to be used to get to the scene.

Details on what lead to the accident are still unclear.  59News is following this story and will have more details when they become available.

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