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Mercer County students to start school early in fall

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A meeting of the Mercer County Board of Education on Wednesday, May 15 set the schedule for the 2013-2014 school year.

The meeting was held at the Mercer County Technical Education Center.  During the meeting it was established that the students during the next school year would report for classes on Thursday, Aug. 15.  Teachers will start their year three days earlier on Monday, Aug. 12. 

The change in start time also affects when the school year ends.  The last instructional day is now on May 30, 2014.  Teachers will close out the school year on June 3.  Students will have three days plus the weekend for Thanksgiving.  There will be seven days plus the weekend for Christmas and Spring Break will be the week before Easter from April 14-18, 2014. 

A look at the complete schedule can be viewed at the link to the right.

The delay in setting the school calendar was apparently due to a bill going through the West Virginia Legislature.  Senate Bill 359 imposed "a different set of rules," according to the release from the Mercer County Board of Education.  That law was to go into effect on July 1, but another bill postponed the implementation date.

School Board members had previously established several parameters regarding the 2013-14 school year by unanimous vote.  Those parameters included allowing for the maximum number of instructional days possible before the WESTEST 2 and allowing for the completion of the first semester by or around Christmas.  Two calendars were submitted in April for employees to vote on.  According to a release from the Mercer County School Board, "a clear majority of employees chose to begin work on Aug.12 rather than a week earlier."



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