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Tuckahoe Road residents frustrated with flooding tunnel

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All the rain we saw earlier this week caused some major problems for people in the area.
Especially in Greenbrier County where people living on one side of a tunnel were trapped for almost 24 hours.

This unbelievable view of the Tuckahoe tunnel in white sulphur springs is nothing surprising to the folks who live here.
For the people who live on the other side it has been a twenty year nightmare.
Since the Tuckahoe dam was built  they said it's been an absolute headache every time the rain rolls through.

Porter Burdette said, "It'll be two or three days and everyone above here has to either stay home or drive through two and three feet of water when they want to come through."
Burdette said there are about 100 homes on the other side of the tunnel and they're always worried when it closes.

He said, "There's a lot of older people up here and if we needed first aid how are they going to get to them?"

He says the department of highways does spend a significant amount of time working on Tuckahoe Road, but Burdette said they wait too long and the water gets out of control.

For the past 20 years when the water floods up people living on the other side of the tunnel have to come over to the drain themselves and clean it off.

Burdette said, "You just back in there and climb out on the bed or wade in the water and take a rake and rake the grate off it takes about ten or fifteen minutes and the water will disappear."

He said the solution is simple.

He said, "Fix the water on the other side of the tunnel or raise the grate up so the leaves and the rocks don't clog it up."

We also spoke with the department of highways who says the issue with Tuckahoe tunnel is they cannot drive vehicles close enough to the drain when the water is high because it's not safe.

And they said they cannot do construction on the tunnel because it's owned by the railroad.

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