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Law Enforcement makes strides to stop Meth makers

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Deputies in Greenbrier County are cracking down on people who make Methamphetamine.  On Sunday, May 5 there was a raid on a home in Rupert.  This is the second meth lab to be raided in less than a month in Greenbrier County.

Investigators were at the scene of the alleged meth lab located on Front Street in Rupert on Sunday.  Firefighters and other emergency responders were called in to clean up the scene.  According the Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office, Owen Adkins, II of Quinwood, Sarah M. Bennett of Maxwellton, Joseph Thomas and Stephanie Thomas, both of Rupert were arrested and charged with Operating a Meth Lab.

Neighbors say as many 14 law enforcement vehicles showed up at 103 Front Street home in Rupert to investigate a tip that it was a working meth lab.

The owner of the property lives right next door and said he has been concerned about the tenants' activity for a while now.

Roger Lance said, "There's a lot of traffic going in and out over time we were kind of wondering and finally they did come out and do something so that's a good thing."

Lance said the evidence of the meth lab actually wasn't found inside the home it was behind the house deep in the woods.

He said, "As long as they're not doing anything out in the open there's really not much you can do."

He said they also walked along nearby train tracks often and police recovered even more evidence in the woods back there.

Now Lance is just hoping the toxic chemicals were not exposed inside the house.

He said, "For me it's actually a big problem today, hopefully tomorrow it'll be a little better I will find out more about the building and what inspections I need to get completed so hopefully I will be able to save the building."

A little less than a month ago - four people, one of which was the same Owen Adkins, were arrested on charges of making meth in Rainelle.  There were children who were also living in that home.  The kids were taken into Child Protective Services.

All four suspects are being held in Southern Regional Jail.

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