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Update: National Drug Take Back Day

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If you have unused or expired pills, Saturday was the day to get them disposed of properly.

It was National Drug Takeback Day and 59 News found out people couldn't be happier about it. One Beckley man literally jumped for joy to be able to properly dispose of his and his wife's unused and expired medication. He told 59 News if extra pills are lying around, that can draw unwanted attention, possibly leading to crimes.

Dave Dail of Beckley said this really is the way to keep drugs where they belong.

"This is one of the best ways is to get them off the streets and out of the hands and the possibility of it getting it into their hands. This keeps them off the streets and away from them," Dail said.

If you happened to miss National Drug Takeback Day, you might be thinking, I'll just throw it in the trash or flush it down the toilet. But one Beckley man said that's actually not the best idea.

"If you get a large group of people who throws their medication in the trash, when it gets to the landfill it's going to effect the groundwater, the same way if you flush it in the sewer system. If one or two people do it, it won't make that big of a difference but if everybody does it, it will effect the water that we drink every day," Cpl.. Jeremy Young said.

The contamination levels of our sewer water is not the only good reason to properly get rid of those extra meds lying around.

"Getting rid of your unwanted or expired medications could stop the potential of overdosing, whether intentional or unintentional. Also to stop from you becoming a target of a break-in if it's known that you have a large amount of medication in your residence," said Cpl.. Young.

"As long as we can get this stuff off the roads and off the streets, then that's one step forward," Dail added.

National Drug Takeback Day happens twice a year but you can always drop off your pills, any day of the year at the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department on Eisenhower Drive in Beckley.




Saturday was National Drug Take Back Day which was an opportunity for people in the community to discard unneeded prescription drugs or expired prescription drugs at many locations set up throughout the region.

National Drug Take Back Day was sponsored nationwide by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in coordination with state and local law enforcement to provide the public with a no questions asked opportunity to turn in prescription drugs that weren't being used or they were unwanted.

This was an opportunity to help combat the abuse of prescription drugs or controlled substances as the medications were safely removed and destroyed.

The event wrapped up at 2:00 PM Saturday.

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