Moore Throwing Big Numbers at Greenbrier East


When looking at track practice, it's not hard to tell who does the track part, and who fills in with the field.

"A big guy who looks like he can bench a lot and use a lot of leg power. I bench 450 pounds and squat 750 pounds," said Greenbrier East thrower Tre Moore.

He's not sure how it came about, but Moore is plenty happy that both shot put and discus exist.

"Whoever invented it is a smart man, made a lot of money off it," he said.

Moore is a rare breed of an athlete who succeeds in both shot and discus. His 50' throw in shot ranks him second in the state, trailing first place by just four inches.

"They're not much different. You have to be looser. You have to be limber," Moore said comparing shot and discus.

Next year, Moore plans on throwing shot and hammer at West Virginia Wesleyan, something that doesn't surprise those around him.

"The biggest part is his dedication to his craft and putting the time in," Greenbrier East head coach Jim McCutcheon said.

After finishing fourth in shot at states last year, Moore is ready to charge into the post season this time around.

"I take pride in it but I also know I have to work harder because people are out there trying to beat me. I have to push myself farther to better myself," he said.

But not too hard. At least at practice.

"It's a lot better because you don't have to run with the runners. You just have to throw a ball," Moore said.

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