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If you own guns - Does WV Senator Joe Manchin have your back?

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On Wednesday, West Virginia's Democratic Senator Joe Manchin unveiled a compromise he created with lawmakers for a new gun-control proposal in Congress.

His plan would be an amendment to the current gun control laws being debated in the U-S Senate. The biggest part of his plan expands background checks for gun buyers but the deal also includes things gun-rights groups will favor.

A few days after the Newtown massacre Senator Manchin had a lot to say about guns.

"I don't know anyone who needs 30 rounds in the clip to go hunting."

"I don't know anyone in the sporting and hunting arena who goes out with an assault rifle."

But shortly afterwards, he told the NRA that he does not support banning anything.

Back in 2010, Senator Manchin made national headlines with a campaign ad that showed him shooting a hole in President Obama's "cap and trade" proposal.

Some of you told 59 News, he's turning his back on the NRA and gun-owners altogether.

But most of you say compromise in politics is a diamond in the rough.

"When you deal with politics, you have to be able to compromise. No one can get there way completely, you have to compromise. So I think he did okay," said David Lickliter.

If you own a gun of any kind, do you think Senator Manchin has your back or not?

"I'm glad he's doing that because we need it. We need to stop this stuff. I'm glad to see what he's doing and I hope to see him do more. He's doing really good," said Glenda Holland.

Others have Manchin's back in increasing background checks including for the mentally ill.

"My daughter got killed in '94 because a gun got in the hands of a boy in a mental institution," Donald Baldwin said.

Senator Manchin's new amendment has the support of at least two Republican senators. The Senate will debate his proposal soon.

Manchin says The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act will not:

· infringe upon anyone's Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

· take away anyone's guns.

· ban any type of firearm.

· ban or restrict the use of any kind of bullet or any size clip or magazine.

· create a national registry; in fact, it explicitly prohibits it.

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