Three Sports a Charm For Some Athletes


For Woodrow Wilson's Brent Osborne, Cole Williams and Andrew Johnson, sports are a year-round hobby. They are all three-sport athletes.

"Whatever the season is in, that's what my heart's to and that's what my mind is set to. To win as many games possible and win a state championship," Osborne said, who plays baseball, football and basketball.

"Usually in Summer, and baseball season, I'm putting weight back on from losing it in wrestling season. Near the end of football, I'll start cutting down a little bit to get ready for wrestling season," Williams said, who wrestles and plays football and baseball.

They all fall under the title 'student-athlete' where student comes first.

"If my grades aren't there, my mom is going to kick my butt at home. It's either I don't have the grades and play sports and get in trouble at home or have the grades and do what I love to do," Johnson said, who plays basketball, football and baseball.

"It made me keep my grades up. I work as hard in the classroom as on the field and anything," Williams said, who will wrestle next year at Alderson-Broaddus.

Despite always staying busy, all three have another sport they'd like to play:

"I'd really like to golf," Osborne said, who is a sophomore.

"Golf. Definitely, when I get older," Williams said.

"I'd love to play lacrosse, if we had it," Johnson said, who will play football next year at Hargrave Military Academy.

With Johnson and Williams continuing their careers with one sport in college, they feel like a bit of a brotherhood.

"I look up to Cole and Drew like they are my big brothers. I've always grown up watching them," Osborne said.

"There's not many people that can do it. I'll say that," Williams said.

"Like Cole said, I don't think there are too many people that can do it and be going 365 days of the whole year," Johnson said.

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