Concord Braves Harsh Conditions For Spring Football


For the Concord University football team, today's Spring practice didn't really have a taste of Spring.

"We're expecting rain and it was rain. Then we get 20-30 minutes into it and we're already out here so we're having fun with it. And you never do know. We may do have to play a snow game in November or December and we're prepared for it," head coach Garin Justice said.

"We're out here expecting sunshine because it's been pretty all week, but the defense loves it. It's kind of down on the offense because they have to catch balls, wet balls. The balls getting hard-hard to catch," linebacker Jake Lilly said.

Despite the bad forecasting, the weather didn't mean much for the Mountain Lions.

"Anytime you're stuck in the weight room or stuck in the gym doing drills for eight weeks, you want to get out and play. That's why we do the drills so it's nice to see them out, having some fun, flying around," Justice said.

After winning the WVIAC title two years ago, and finishing 6-2 last season in the conference, these bad weather days are easier when you're winning.

"We have upperclassmen that was on those teams at a young age that won. But we just have to step it up this year and try to hit it to the top," Lilly said.

"We expect to win. We expect to be at the top of the conference. We expect to win the conference," Justice said.

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