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Crews are hoping to open I-77 North by Easter

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Sunday marks day 4 since the massive rockslide began on I-77 North in Mercer County.

What's delaying the cleanup? And when will the highway open back up? 59 News spent the day with the Department of Highways and travelers. She has the answers.

A family who was stuck in the detour on their way home to Cincinnati reacted to watching the video of the Rockslide.

"Wow! Yeah the rocks are still coming down! I had to take a detour, it was a 30 minute detour," said Tim Greenfield, who traveled from Greensboro, North Carolina.

He said before seeing the video, he and other travelers did not know why they were being detoured. He said he's happy to now know the reason for extra time and gas spent and said it's worth the wait.

"Don't get antsy like I did because I was like what's happening? I didn't know what was going on. It was definitely worth it because I'm driving 20 miles out of the way, so I'm thinking about gas money and how out of the way it is. But yeah, everyone take your time and be safe," Greenfield said.

"I just hope it's cleared by Tuesday because I'm coming home Tuesday and I don't care to go through this anymore," said Paul Hasbrouck, traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Department of Highways told 59 News it'll be a few more days before everything is all cleared up.

"Our project is in 2 phases. We want to get this stable then get the equipment off here and get it back on the road then get the material off and out of here into our wayside down the road," said Jimmy Wriston from the Department of Highways.

Although this weather is not helping, he said he hopes to have the roads all clear by the holiday.

"The weather has definitely caused us to re-evaluate our plans and schedules a little bit. Then we'll be ready to start talking about seriously getting the roadway back open and hopefully we'll have that open by the holiday," Wriston added.

The Department of Highways said due to weather, crews will be working during day-time only until the Northbound lanes of I-77 re-open.

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