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Girl scared for her life unleashed dogs on home invaders

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A girl saved herself from criminals. An amazing story that could have taken a turn for the worst.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Department is now asking for your help to put them behind bars.

Captain Sizemore said around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon, two men broke into several sheds on O'Possum Creek Rd in Hico and stole a few items before turning to the home, not knowing there was a 12 year old girl home alone and scared for her life.

A young girl, left home alone locked herself in her home then let her dogs loose on the intruders. The dogs attacked the two men forcing them to run out. She was able to recall the color of the van and the Sheriff's Department is using that information to track the suspects down.

Captain Sizemore said other witnesses saw a female driving them. A neighbor reacted to realizing this happened so close to home.

"I'm kind of surprised but in a way I wasn't. This has happened before around here but it's surprising that it was right next door. It was kind of alarming a little bit. It's a good relief no one got hurt, for sure," said neighbor John Nickell.

He says having an empty driveway could make someone an easy target.

"I would say they were driving by and didn't see any vehicles in the driveway and thought it would be an easy target or something. That's probably why no one ever comes here because I have a couple vehicles in my yard," he said.

Nickell believes the easiest target is the more rural areas of town.

"There's been a few places down the road, they're just hitting the back roads when no one is home. Instead of just getting a job like the rest of us," said Nickell.

The Sheriff's Department said they still need your help to make an arrest.

If you see a green Dodge Caravan or know the individuals involved you're asked to call the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

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