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All in For March Madness

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Coaches players and fans are all pumped for March Madness, which later turns into sadness or gladness based on your bracket. But opinions vary on how to pick winners.

"I follow the season. It's not as closely as I used to but I follow the season. It's just chance, no science to it," said Hope Bynum, who was traveling back from seeing North Carolina A&T in the NCAA Tournament in Lexington, KY. Bynum played women's basketball at the school.

"Athleticism and the quality of wins that each team has had," said Kent Walker, from Flat Top.

Players are also expected to prepare for their opponents. Just ask Indiana's Victor Oladipo about his opponent James Madison and what he accomplished.

"James Madison signed something big, like the Declaration of Independence. Am I right? Emancipation Proclamation, something like that," Oladipo said.

Being smart about your opponent leads to upsets. Like 14 seed Harvard. Those brainiacs took down number three New Mexico.

"It's unbelievable. We were talking in the back, we're in disbelief. We still can't believe it happened. We really wanted it to happen and put everything into it and believed in it but this is as good as it gets," said Harvard player Christian Webster.

And picking those upsets gives you something to brag about, while the rest of your bracket goes down the drain.

"Of course I was hopeful. When it's tournament time, it's anybody's game," Bynum said.

"That helps sometimes. If you can pick one that no one else has thought to pick," Walker said.

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