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Winning lottery ticket purchased in Beckley remains unclaimed

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The odds of winning a prize in the West Virginia Lottery are 1 to 32. Our 59 News Crews wanted track down the big million dollar winner who purchased their ticket in Beckley. The winner has not come forward and our crews suspect the possibility of tracking down the big winner is similar to the odds of hitting a jackpot.

The odds are stacked against us.  But 59 News is not talking about the odds of the lottery.  Instead we are talking about our 59 News Crew's odds of finding the person who hit the million dollar jackpot.  The  winner ticket hit all of the numbers expect the Powerball, so that means the ticket holder will claim one million dollars.  The ticket was purchased at The Little General Store on Robert C. Byrd Driver in Beckley.

59 News checked out the store but had no luck finding the winner. So the news crews hit the road traveling north to Fayette County.  The team stopped by another gas station to ask people if they had the winning ticket.

"I wish it was me, but I don't have the ticket," Sterling Ramsey of Oak Hill said.

59 News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked, if people in the gas station thought luck was on our team's side to find the winner.

"I hope you find them, I am sure they could use the money," Edna Kesterson of Oak Hill said.

No jackpots in Oak Hill, but one woman did show us a million dollar dance as she exclaimed, "show me the money, honey!"

59 News traveled to the Oak Hill Senior Center to find out if seniors may have picked the luck numbers. Several of the seniors did play in the lottery but none of them had the winning ticket.

Lady luck wasn't on the seniors' side, so 59 News went to Cathedral Cafe to catch the lunch crowd.

"Honestly, I think this person is probably talking to an attorney right now," George Gates of Charleston explained.

The 59 News search for the million dollar winner turned up empty handed.  If the ticket holder does not claim their prize in the next 175 days, they will end up empty handed as well.

The West Virginia Lottery Commission said winners have 180 days to claim the prize beginning the day of the lottery drawling.  The numbers were pulled on Saturday March 16th, so the winner has until September to claim their winnings.

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