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State Police sweep Shady Spring High School for drugs

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Monday, March 18 was a busy day for school administrators in Raleigh County.  A pair of lockdowns were put into effect.  The first was at Beckley-Stratton Middle School during the morning hours.  In the afternoon, it was at Shady Spring High School.

The superintendent of Raleigh County schools, Jim Brown, spoke with 59News about the situation.  He said that the school system teams with the West Virginia State Police to conducted drug sweeps through the school.  While the Troopers are searching the building, the school is put on "Soft Lockdown."  That limits the access of students to the hallways and restrooms while the search is going on.

State Troopers had a drug dog at the school to help speed the search for any illegal drugs that may have been on the grounds.

The term "lockdown" alarmed parents of students who attend Shady Spring High School.  They voiced their frustrations on Facebook.

"My niece goes there," said Pamela.  "(When) they say 'no emergency' (it) makes us worry about her because we don't know what is going on."

"If its not an emergency then they shouldn't be on lockdown," added Christina. "That's just unnecessary call for alarm! What else could it be?"

Some parents were aware of the possibility that the school would be locked down for a drug sweep.

"It could be a drug sweep, don't know for sure just a guess," said Jami. "It's awful as a parent that any time something like this happens you have to think the worst. The principle needs a good talking to!"

Superintendent Brown said there was no risk to the students.  He said the "soft lockdown" associated with the drug sweep is a formality. If you would like to join the conversation, head to our Facebook page and share your observations.

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