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Beckley Stratton staff quickly resolves student issue

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There were some concerns from parents of students at Beckley Stratton Middle School on Monday, March 18 after rumors came out about a lock down at the school.

59News was working for you to find out the details of what happened.  A call to Principal Rachel Pauley confirmed that the school was put on what is called a "soft lockdown" for only nine minutes during the morning hours.  Mrs. Pauley said that the action was taken because of an issue with a student.

Many parents expressed their concerns about the situation on Facebook. 

Shelli said, "To a parent, any lockdown is bad news!"

"They are basically trying to keep us parents from having a big fit over it," added Shannon. "Never heard of soft lockdown, playing it 'not so serious' again when it should be taken very seriously!"

Amber provided an explanation of the soft lockdown. Here is what happens.  Students and staff of the school are prevented from moving around the building, but this kind of lockdown allows instruction to continue.

Heather said, "Either way it's still an emergency and parents need to be notified."

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