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People in Greenbrier County are ready for spring!

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Snow came down off and on all day Wednesday and Greenbrier County was getting hit they have all winter long.

Residents tell 59 News they are ready for spring!

Janet Blue said her first thought when she woke up Wednesday morning was, "Will this never end?"

The official start of spring is just seven days away and like most years... the snow is still coming down like the dead of winter.

People in Greenbrier County said they're not surprised.

Kevin Nutter said, "It's typical for this time of year. It's that time of year where there's the big fight between spring and winter."

That fight lasted all day Wednesday with snow in the morning, then a break for sunshine, and snow again.

Most people said March is never the end of winter in the mountain state.

Stephanie Johnston said, "I actually just got a car, I had a 4-wheel-drive before and it did pretty well. We've definitely had worse. I don't think this is the end of winter."

The department of highways was out all day ready for whatever decided to come down.


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