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Fayette County chase begins in road, ends in woods

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A wild chase in Fayette County that starts on the road and ends in the woods, lands one man behind bars. It all happened in the rural area of New Haven in Fayette County.

Our 59 News crews spoke with some folks in the area and who said this is a quiet spot.  They said the only folks who drive on the winding Backus Mountain Road are workers on the farm or logging industry.

"It is usually quiet here, most of the time it is always quiet up here," Raymond Goddard of Meadow Bridge said.

Just 8 miles down the road from Goddard and his farm sits the town of Meadow Bridge.  Sheriff's deputies said that's where all of the trouble began. They said what began as a traffic stop in Meadow Bridge on Monday ended in a deputy pursuit and landed 42-year-old Eugene V. Jones behind bars.

Our 59 News crews found out Goddard saw the entire thing.

"I just saw the two police cars, they must have been on the pursuit than because I saw the lights, I saw the sirens," Goddard said.

Goddard lives right next door to the location Jones was arrested at.  Jones actually ended up at his family's cemetery, the Goddard cemetery.  But why did Jones flee from the law? Our 59 News crews worked to find out.

59 News has discovered Jones was being pulled over from an improper registration on his car.  They said this is when Jones took off, down a winding mountain road.  Deputies were trailing behind and the chase didn't end there.  Officials said Jones took a sharp right hand turn into the Goddard's family cemetery.  They said this is when Jones stopped his car, got out and made a run for it into the woods.

Deputies said they were able to catch Jones just a quarter mile into the woods.

Our crews asked Goddard if he felt safe knowing law enforcement officials were able to quickly catch Jones.

"Yeah, it makes me feel better.  I guess it is bad anytime someone is breaking the law," Goddard said.

Jones is being charged with a felony count of fleeing in a vehicle with reckless disregard for the public.

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