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What should Boy Scouts do about gay ban?

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It's now up to the Boy Scouts' national council to decide whether to lift it's ban on gay members and leaders.The organization's National Executive Board decided Wednesday, to put off any action, and let the decision come from the 1,400 council members who will meet in Texas in May.

It is a hot topic, stirring up a lot of debate in our area. Should the Boy Scouts of American lift the ban on gay members and leaders? Some people are in favor of the current policy.

"Because of my Bible beliefs, I am against homosexuality. I don't believe that they should have a leader position," Annette Meadows of Cool Ridge said.    

Others against, wanting the door to be open to all.

"I say go for it," Marvin Lucas said. "Everyone deserves a chance," he explained.

But the lines were not clearly divided. Our 59 News crews found several people who said it just didn't matter.

"It is their decision. They can really decide whatever they want. I personally don't care, they could let them in or just say no," Brandon Fox of Beckley said.

But for some, the fact this topic is in the national spotlight is victory enough

"I think it's good for Americans to start asking these kinds of questions. Do I really feel the way I do about a certain thing based on a past experience, or my culture, or how I was raised I think its good we talk about the good and the bad," Greg Lilly said.

The Boy Scouts are expected to give their final ruling in May, until than, the nation and the Mountain State will continue to keep their eyes on the status of this decision. In July 40,000 Boy Scouts will be Fayette County for the national Jamboree will set the stage for the World Scout Jamboree in 2019.

With 2.7 million youth members and over 1 million adult volunteers, this decision will have a widespread impact.

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