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Travelers have Love/Hate Relationship with Winter Storm

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Freezing rain, snow, heavy winds, and even a hail storm. That's the wintry mess holiday travelers dealt with out on the roads today.

But the white stuff wasn't bad news for Florida traveler Will Morales.

"I'm from Florida, so this is certainly a nice place to come and spend the holiday, and for this reason. We were hoping that it would snow. If it snows more, even better," said Floridian Will Morales.

He thinks the snow crews on the turnpike are doing a fantastic job.

"I've seen four or five salt trucks coming through the turnpike so, I think everybody's doing just fine. No problems what so ever."

Morales also had some advice for those who are battling the elements.

"You gotta take your time and be mindful of how you're traveling. Just be aware of the what the road conditions are, and just be safe."

Marsha from Columbus, Ohio is on her way down south to escape this weather madness and said she has seen it all.

"I've even seen a downpour with lightning. Ice, snow, rain, even sunshine. We are headed to Charlotte and are hoping it's a lot warmer," said Marsha Hart.

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