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School Superintendent Addresses Safety Fears

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Could Friday's Elementary School Massacre been prevented?

"Even before that happened, I always worry. Especially because this is the first time I've had a kid at school, that's the first thing on my mind. Is he okay at school, is something going to happen where I can't get to him in time? I'm sure that's every parents fear. Every single time they drop their kid off," said a mother of a Pre-K student, Jessica Jones.

To find out just how easy it is for an intruder to walk into an Elementary School, 59 News Reporter Jessie Gavin went through the process anyone would have to go through to be let in the front doors.

First you have to push the button to the left of the door. You tell the Visitors Office who you are and what your intentions are. If they approve, they buzz you in and the door is unlocked. You then need to go directly to the Visitors Office where they will ask for your Drivers License and have you sign in to the guest book.

Raleigh County Superintendent Jim Brown explained, in light of the Elementary School Massacre, what additional safety precautions and measures will soon be in place.

"This morning we had a conference call with all our principals. We wanted to revisit the strategic issues that we have as far as insuring student safety. One of the main areas is point of access as far as individuals coming and reporting to the school and what those expectations are," said Raleigh County Superintendent Jim Brown.

Jessica Jones explained what she'd like to see changed in schools.

"Maybe they need to go through and do some drills, some emergency planning. If something is to happen, how can keep the teachers notified? Maybe have everyone have a walkie talkie that's connected to the office somehow," she said.

Brown reiterated that schools already have in place regular practice safety drills.

"Our schools are automatically well tuned. We have an automatic lockdown where students are in classrooms and doors are locked. We run these drills at least every two months."

Student safety is always a schools' priority.  Brown said his schools are always looking for new ways to stay safe.

"I would tell you though, our schools are very safe, our teachers are very conscientious. Our administrative teams are very proactive in how they handle student safety and it's always a priority."

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