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Kid Comes Home from Daycare Drenched in Gasoline

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Melissa Putnam dropped her son Evan off at daycare and headed to work, but there was something different about him she picked him up.

Putnam said she called LA East Daycare in Beckley to get some answers.  She wasn't happy with what she heard.

"They were left unattended long enough for them to get into a building or facility that was within the playground area of the children, spill a can of gas and begin splashing around in it," Putnam said.

She then proceeded to climb the ropes of law enforcement, but was told no crime occurred.

"I believe LA East did take corrective measures  to ensure children wouldn't be exposed to that in the future," said Capt. Jeff Shumate, with the Beckley Police Department.

Shumate said when it comes to who's keeping an eye on your children, do your research.

"Most of those daycares will have people that you can contact who they've cared for those children," Shumate said. "And I would advise, contact those parents and see if they've had any issues with the childcare provider."

Putnam said she's thankful the incident wasn't worse.

"As Kristen Keller mentioned, 'What if mom or dad had been a smoker?' Well we both are," she said. "It just so happens, by the grace of God that day, my husband didn't light up on the way home."

The owner of LA East Daycare said this was an isolated incident with a gas can in a building with a lawn mower. He said corrective measures have been taken, and he is sorry it occurred.

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