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Bath Salts Pose Problems for Mountain State

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A highly addictive drug is behind the violent face-eating incident in Miami last week and local police said that drug is here in the Mountain State.

Miami Police said bath salts are to blame for a graphic attack which left a homeless man fighting for his life when his attacker bit apart of the victims face.

Police in our area said bath salts are being sold locally and purchasing this drug is a lot easier than you think.

"There are several stores in the area that sell and there is no age requirement there is no ID requirement. you walk in you walk out with that substance," Sgt. Jason McDaniel a Beckley Police Detective said.

And bath salt users are walking out with a very dangerous drug.

"You are putting an unknown substance into your body you have no idea where it came from other than you bought it from a store," McDaniel continued.

McDaniel said it is those unknown combinations of chemicals that make users hallucinate while high on the salts.

Bath Salts recently gained notoriety ago-- where a Florida man tore his victim's face apart with his teeth. Police had to shoot the attacker and the victim still remains in the hospital.

We checked out a store on Harper Road to see if we could find bath salts and while we were not able to find any, we did run into a bath salt user and he says the reason he believes users act erratic on bath salts is because it intensifies their emotions.

"They are seeing things that don't truly exist we are getting callings where people think they are seeing something inside of the home that isn't truly there," McDaniel said.

While getting the drug is easy, cracking down on usage is hard. McDaniel said if police suspect a substance contains an illegal chemical they have to send the drug away to be tested by State Police. He said it is a very timely process and when the results come back-- the seller simply can change the name of the product and the process begins again. McDaniel said this is taking away from the true problem plaguing Southern West Virginia.

"Now we have the synthetics coming in we are having to devote time to these drugs when we should be devoting time to these drugs when all of our time should be devoted to the prescription pill problem," McDaniel continued.

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