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Mindful Eating This Thanksgiving

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Worried that your third piece of pie might show up on the scale? Splurging is part of what makes Thanksgiving fun, but it is good to know tricks to keep you out of a food coma.

Registered Dietitian Connie Gottshall said it is important to be mindful of how much you are eating.

"Sometimes people tend to eat a lot more quickly than they should and this allows us to sort of overeat without our body recognizing that we're full. So one suggestion I sometimes make is to have people eat with their non-dominant hand," said Gottshall.

Gottshall said people can save calories on Thanksgiving by omitting foods and drinks they can enjoy the rest of the year and choosing to eat the foods that mean the most to them. She said inactivity and binge eating makes a dangerous combination.

"The worst thing we can do is eat 4,000 calories at 7 p.m. and lie on the couch and then go to bed. That's a recipe for weight gain. So try to spread our calories throughout the day," said Gottshall.

Certified Master Chef and Greenbrier Executive Chef, Rich Rosendale said keeping leftovers is a great way to save your favorite foods and keeps you from eating everything in sight on Thanksgiving day.

"One thing I recommend to people is to get a food saver vacuum bag. Those things work great. The other thing I recommend is to freeze things in smaller portions so it's easier to pull out as you need and add those items to dishes like pastas, soup, wraps, salads. It's easier to manage your freezer when you portion everything in smaller packages," said Rosendale.

Rosendale said you can still have your favorite foods, in moderation.

"You can have the stuffing, but maybe don't  cover the entire plate. I think also to fill up on some vegetables," said Rosendale.

Gottshall said sweet potatoes and green vegetables are healthy dishes to add to the table.

Gottshall said using a salad plate as your meal plate will help you cut down on calories, while still enjoying a plate full of food.

You can have your cake and eat it too, just don't eat the entire cake.

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